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VoIP Technical Support

VoIP Technical Support

Do you sometimes experience echo, broken or delayed speech, one-way audio, static, humming or buzzing, communication errors when faxing or long delays with your VoIP connection?  Then use VoIP Mechanic for help with troubleshooting your VoIP service and how it is setup.  We offer information to solve and correct common VoIP issues and other annoying problems. 

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There are 4 main areas of issues:

Networking and LAN issues

Networking and LAN (local area network) issues are best described as problems in one of the following areas:

● Connectivity between one or more PC’s and the Internet.

● Unable to make two way calls successfully from or to the phone connected directly to the IAD, even though there is dial tone. Check out how to configure Port Forwarding on your router.

● The router has an unusual light display.

● Sporadic loss or slowing of Internet connectivity, including calls going to dead silence or one-way audio.

Phone and Voice Quality

Phone and voice quality can include a range of issues and can be caused by hardware, Internet connections, interference, bandwidth, LAN connections and codecs.  The symptoms will show as:

● Echo

● Bad audio, including buzzing, screeching and delayed speech.

● Choppy voice, numerous dead spots in the incoming or outgoing voice.  You may need to set QoS for your VoIP ATA.

● Long delays in voice transmission.

VoIP quality issues can be both consistent and sporadic.  Some can be identified and corrected relatively quickly, while the more infrequent ones can be challenging. 

WAN Connectivity & the Internet

Internet issues can be caused by poor signal levels,  faulty hardware or poor bandwidth.  ISP connections and routing can both play significant roles in the quality of VoIP.

● Numerous power cycling to correct loss of Internet connectivity.

● Choppy voice, including dead spots in the conversation.

● Noticeably delay in voice, bad echo and distorted communication.

● Frequent issues with speed during certain periods of the day or evening.

● Calls getting fast busy, number not found, and other unusual results.

Faxing Issues & other devices

These issues are the easiest to identify.  With faxing you usually get communication errors and other devices just may not work.  Look to our VoIP Faxing pages for settings that will give you the best chance at success when faxing over a VoIP connection.

● Faxing errors, specifically communication errors.

● Alarm system integration.

● Dial up modems and devices that use them.